I told you recently about that fact that I worked in storage in Miami a couple of years ago. This was right after I finished high school and felt like I wanted to live in a warmer place. When the opportunity to work with storage in Miami showed up, I didn’t hesitate. Especially since I was moving down south with one of my best friends back then.

So, I promised you that I would get back to you to tell you more about this. Apparently, a lot of you are thinking about doing the same thing – move to Miami to try storage for a while. Actually, I can really recommend it. It is a fun job when you want to try something new. At least it was at the storage in Miami where I used to work. You’ll meet a lot of new people from all over the place. Not just from the U.S., but from all over the world. It’ll be super fun and I’m happy for whoever decides to go.

Many of you wanted me to mention more about what everyday life is when you work in storage in Miami. This makes total sense to me. You know too little about what people are actually doing at work, in my opinion. Let’s change that.

This is a regular day at the storage in Miami where I used to work.

  • You start with a meeting with the boss where you go through what needs to be done during the day. What to expect from the day at the storage before you can get out and have fun in Miami
  • My tasks differed from day to day, which was nice. One day you could do the picking process. It means that we picked the stuff/products that someone wanted to order from one of our customers. Next day could be packing, which is what it sounds like – the process of packing the stuff that is being picked.
  • After work, we often went to play pool or to have a beer or something. If it was really hot we went to the beach and swam. This had a lot to do with the great people that I got to work with, in Miami, at the storage place. Of course, I can’t guarantee that it is like that every year and with all the new people. I still have my old boss on FB and I have to say that it still looks like during the time that I was there.

Hit me up if you want the contact details to the storage in Miami!

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